Thousands of children are dying from a disease we can readily treat!

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A shocking reality of 21st century medicine where drive for profits erodes the ethos of the Hippocratic Oath.  Of the approximately 130 million babies born in the world every year, more than one million will have CHD  (Congenital Heart Disease). Left untreated, 50% will die before reaching 3 years of age. The majority won’t have access to treatment. Instead the families’ only hope lies in a charity surgical “lottery”.

Aggressive and irresponsible recruitment in the rich countries who don’t train enough doctors and nurses because it’s expensive and who woo them out of the poorest countries devastates already fragile healthcare systems and creates a really urgent life and death problem.

The impact of the so called “Brain Drain” on the developing world; fueled by local corruption, inconsistent and inadequate healthcare funding, lack of I’m following a group of individuals who saw the need and answered it. Lay people and professionals who bypass normal channels and take direct action by bringing cutting age medical care to sick children in poor countries.

Entirely voluntary and supported by charity donations the Surgical Heart Missions represent once in a lifetime chance for the families to get help. The impact on the life of the patients is immeasurable because to be on the operating list is to gain life.

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