Starting September on a high note with Brahms

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brh3Norman Krieger, Rebecca Gilliver and Philip Mann at Abbey Road Studios.

Brahms’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat was written in 1881 – more than two decades after his first and it contains some of the most horrendously difficult music ever written for a pianist. Some say that this is perhaps the greatest piano concerto ever composed. With the spaciousness of a symphony, the drama of an opera, the intimacy of the love songs, it touches on almost every emotion with extraordinary immediacy and power.

Our crews were at the Abbey Road Studios in London filming a new recording of the concerto with pianist Norman Krieger, conductor Philip Mann and the LSO.  A native of Los Angeles, Norman Krieger is one of the most acclaimed pianists of his generation, highly regarded as an artist of depth, sensitivity, and virtuosic flair.

Norman has asked us to create a short film capturing his artistic and emotional journey during the recording of Brahms’s masterpiece. The virtuosity was spell-binding, the atmosphere electric!

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brh11Brahms Recording