Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market


We weretokyo1 given a tour round the Tsukiji Fish Market by our scout which was great as he directed us past all the various stalls and was able to ask questions for us.

We sampled the sushi “breakfast” which we all agreed was the best sushi we ever tried. There are lots of stalls selling weird and wonderful array of fish, sea weed and shell fish some of which we’ve not seen before. I t is a really fascinating picture of what goes on behind the scenes to make sure the restaurants and cafes of Tokyo have the freshest fish.

The place is enormous – a vast warehouse-like structure, full of merchandise and frantic activity. Look out for the traffic! There are dozens of fast-moving small electric vehicles carrying boxes of seafood products from here to there. Feels like the drivers are trying to run over you but they just need to get there quickly.

Seriously, this was fun! We’ve discovered the drivers were very skilled at not hitting the camera crews! Also you need to keep your eyes peeled or you could find yourself suddenly covered in icy cold water being tossed out from the containers fish are stored in.

At every corner you see huge frozen tuna from allover the world handled with reverence. I mean it! Huge!


We filmed a skilled wholesaler dissecting a tuna – it was like watching some kind of weird and wonderful ritual.