Who We Are

We are an independent London based digital media production company specialising in the arts, corporate, education, leisure and travel sectors. We are innovative and we promise passion, vision, value for money and great results.







What do we do? All things digital!

Video is the fastest growing segment of the social and corporate media industry today. It is one of the most progressive and cost effective ways of getting your message out there. Whether you’re creating an original presentation, streaming an event, showing off your skills, or premiering a new service it’s important to properly communicate your vision to build and retain your audience.

At Gala we’re here to help you get focused on what makes your business special. We’ll give you the creative push you need to go bigger, better and faster. We will help you to produce imaginative, attention grabbing video massages that get you noticed! So if you fancy hearing about great content and business boosting creativity, get in touch.

from video to photography & graphic design
from motion graphics to 3D animation
from web design to app development

This company is capable to meet any clients’ needs and has excellent rapport with the producers and clients. I highly recommend Gala Productions for your new project.

  Tomoe Namihisa, Producer

They are client centric and in addition to their competency, another of their core strengths is the ease of communicating with them.

 Stuart Perl, Cunard

One-Stop Shop

Tell us your ideas and let's collaborate!


Our in-house production team provides dedicated support for our UK and overseas clients. We facilitate a full range of location and production services for foreign companies looking to shoot in the UK. You will feel reassured in the knowledge that proven, highly-skilled creatives are looking after your every need.

Crew & Kit Hire

We supply crews and the latest kit at highly competitive rates selecting only the best people with the right skills to match your production requirements anywhere in the world. We offer tailor-made equipments packages for aerial, multi-camera, life-event, location and studio shoots.

Post Production

From the colour grading to sound design, visual effects and state of the art editing services, we will manage your production through to completion. We provide translation services, subtitling, foreign voice-over artists and supervise audio recording sessions.

Web Design & More…

We create multimedia web content and offer bespoke website designs specifically crafted to your goals and requirements. You’ll get the latest ideas, technology, techniques, and delivery methods to make your project special, whatever the budget.

I would not hesitate to recommend Gala Productions, not only for the quality of the work they produced, but also for their ability to realise a vision whilst working within a clearly defined budget and timescale.

  Simon Knight, Frank Wise School